[Spam Mode] Popcorn Stuff is here!!~

Yay!~ Finally I received my Popcorn Tour goods from JEGoods. Yay!!!!
The box was a bit damaged when I picked it up at the post office, but everything in the box are in perfect condition. YAYAYYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYA!!~ hahahaha

Waiting for my ARAfes T-shirt this time!~ huhuhuhu

[Exam Mode] One-shot

This is my final semester for my course. And for this final semester, only one paper to be seated for exam. MPM.....Multimedia Project Management.

I think I can do it! Even though I'm having bad fever and flu!~ (what a timing) ah!~~~~

Ja Gambarimasu yo~.. But need to take my meds (Arashi's videos) before I start my revision again. YAY!~

To those who having exam this week, Good luck!~ ♥

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Movie Screening 20/10/2012

Today JCC (club) session was successful, eventhough it was a sudden and last-minute.

We decided to do movie screening, since we can't do cooking class yet (cos of budget).

It took me a while to think what movie should I show on the screen. At the end, I randomly picked one, and Ninomiya Kazunari's SP drama for 24hTV was choosen. [Kuruma isu de Boku wa sora wo tobu] (?) ...not sure if I typed it right. Hahahaha
And the result, they enjoyed it. Most of the guys' eyes were fixed to the monitor. Wah!

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Ah!~ Now I somehow feel jealous when looking at the pictures of Ura Ara Mania's compilation album....Should have bought it :(

Anyhow.....it is now toward the end of the final year project's deadline (in few weeks)....and I'm not progressing well.. AH!~

I'm trying my best on web developing and design now..hope I could use it next time in designing my livejournal and be active. wheeee!~

Next....Tomorrow's my club's activity..... Japanese Culture Club (JCC), and decided to do a movie screening.
One problem is what Japanese movie should I use? I can use any anime except the anime movie, but I dont have any. LOL!
Most of the members (especially juniors) are fan of anime...........except the genres are match with other members. *sigh*

Maaa~ Ganbatte desho!

Finally found it!!!!

I've been searching for Arashi's DVD in stores in my country, but but couldn't. Until yesterday, I happened to just checking my fave DVD store for any new Japanese new album or Concert DVDs....


I know it's old, but yeah!~ (There aren't much Japanese drama and music DVD/CD sold in Brunei though...except anime XD)
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I am who I am~
And these are my true color!~ :P

Your rainbow is strongly shaded green and violet.

What is says about you: You are a creative person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

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Japanese Food Month~

This month, I've been eating out for dinner either alone or with friends. Hahaha And most of them were Japanese food from various Japanese restaurant in my country. *Blaming my gourmet tongue*

Hmmmm, to think about where did I spent my money....
Misato---->Escapade Sushi--->Misato (again)--->Escapade Sushi (other branch)--->Kaizen--->Kaizen (Main branch)

(Tori katsu Curry Rice from Kaizen)

Hahahaha I should stop this. XD

But I ate big Ooknomiyaki alone!~ hahaha. Big appetite, but I never finish it in one sitting XD I wish there is Osaka Ookinomiyaki~

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