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I've been wanting to post something about Dramas and music before I actually know about ARASHI. Also I'm going to share my current Arashi's top ranking, which some I did voted most of them for this year's ARAFES. :P

I started to have interest on Arashi around Spring 2012, when I was watching Ohno's Kagi no Kakatta Heya. (and he's my bias! :P)

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Arashi madness attack!!

OMG!! OMG!!!! I am totally obsses with arashi official and fanmade item nowadays that I even spent more than I should for them!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! Hahaha.

Lately I've been working on my new hobby. Making handbags from damaged/recycled jeans. Took me 3 days to complete, since I was randomly designed and redesigned it, and sew it by hand, cos my sewing machince is too 'old' too operate. Hahaha. Yeah. I pricked my fingers a lot during the making.

Will upload the photo of the bag soon cos I need my laptop to do so.. Extra point is, I put 'Arashi' in too.

Apprently my friend, sassyfarr also making our her on fanmade items. hopefully this will become a business.

[Anyhow, just as extra; we're looking for Arashi fans in Brunei. If you are, or you know a friend or two, please do inform us here my commenting. Who knows there is something for the fans in near future.]

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Tada ima!~ (even though for a very short time online)

So! This time, I managed to catch up with Arashi's TV Show and Drama which in April! All thanks to my Ojyo-sama (my junior called my friend that, hahaha! KAWAII!~) for helping me!~ <3

Kazoku Game
Sakurai Sho's new drama in Fuji TV, airing every Wednesday (22:00) since April 17. More info of the drama here
I really love this drama not just because of Sho, but the storyline is VERY interesting! It's not often to see Sho having such interesting and crazy character since The Quiz Show 2 (NazoDi is crazy too, but still losing to Quiz). I'm looking forward for the whole series!~
image credit to DramaWiki
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When One ends, Another Born!

Got this from aramatheydidnt
Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi is hosting his solo variety program titled "Nino-san" on NTV by this April.
Read more about it here

I think it is amazing that he got his first solo host program! But I didn't surprise by it actually! hahaha
No kidding!

He is multi-talented person, from a singer, musician, actor, host, songwriter and magician! What else can he do with his "Hamburger" hands. hahaha

Ganbatte! Ninomiya-san!~

Kamisama No Karute is back?!

I was reading things on Tokyohive (especially on ratings), and I just found out about Kamisama no Karute sequel. :O
I wasn't really a fan on this movie (Sho punya pasal, aku tengok pula), but I'm kinda enjoyed watching it! Maybe there is something about this movie makes me wanna watched (except it takes me days to watch it finish....darn distraction! :P ). But even my sister fell asleep while watching it.. hmmmmmmmmm

ah Well!

I hope for the best on the sequel, which it said to be released in 2014!
I might want to see the progress and the happy ending (especially the wife is having a baby XD)